MSDL State Debate Final

2023 — Acton Boxborough HS, MA/US

Speaker point scale

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PUBLIC FORUM and BIG QUESTIONS - 25 to 30 by half points

30 is an A++:Truly amazing.

29 to 29.5: A-minus to an A. Fantastic – the debater went above and beyond.

28 to 28.5: B to B+. Very good. The debater got the job done.

27 to 27.5: C+ to a B-minus. Acceptable – but there is plenty of room for improvement

26 to 26.5: C-minus to a C. Needs work. The debater appears to be a beginner or is woefully unprepared.

25: Reserved for debaters who are rude or unprofessional. Maybe the debater incessantly cut off their opponent in cross-examination, or used derogatory language. If you award a 25, you must comment on your ballot to explain what happened.

LINCOLN DOUGLAS and POLICY - 25 TO 30 BY 0.1 points

29.5-30: I wish I could frame your speeches – hard to imagine a better speaker
29.1-29.4: you were consistently excellent
28.8-29.0: you were effective and strategic, and made only minor mistakes
28.3-28.7: you hit all the right notes, but could improve (e.g. depth or efficiency)
27.8-28.2: you mainly did the right thing, but left something to be desired
27.3-27.7: you missed major things and were hard to follow
27.0-27.2: you advanced little in the debate or cost your team the round
26.0-26.9: you are not ready for this division/tournament
Below 26: you were offensive, ignorant, rude, or tried to cheat (MUST come to tab)