MSDL State Debate Final

2023 — Acton Boxborough HS, MA/US

School map

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A map of Acton-Boxborough Regional HS is here.

Room number - First digit is the floor (1 or 2).

The letter suffix is the compass direction (N, S, E, W). The map orientation has N toward the top of the page.

Note - Your Tabroom messages include the compass direction as a prefix. For example, room 123E will show up as "E - 123E". That prefix does NOT show up on the signage in the school itself (we have included it in Tabroom to help with aspects of running the tournament).

N-suffix rooms are "above" the media center on the map (purple area).

S-suffix rooms are "below" the media center.

W-suffix rooms are to the "left" of the media center, and

E-suffix rooms are to the right.

Morning judge briefing (8:15) - Chorus room, to right of cafeteria on the school map.

Adult judge lounge - South Commons (straight ahead from lobby, right before the small staircase) Wonderful food served for adults all day. Note - Student judges will receive a coupon for a concession item. On the map, the judge lounge is just to the north of the COUNCELING CENTER, which is colored purple.

Tab room: Room 115, across from judge lounge (with table outside for staff)

Gender neutral restrooms - are located in the North wing adjacent to the cafeteria across from the band room, on the 1st floor of the East Wing and on the second floor of the West Wing.

Quiet Space - for students and adults during the day: Chorus Room (after completion of the morning judge briefing). To the right of the cafeteria on the school map.

Information table - and student hosts available to assist all participants - located in the main lobby.

Awards: Cafeteria


Library: Second floor in the center of the building. It is marked in green on the map, toward the top of the page.

Council Center: First floor, in the middle of the building - Purple on the map.

West Commons: On the first floor, just to the "west" of the Counseling Center (to the left of the purple area on the school map).

Elevator alcove: On the far right end of the map. First floor elevator alcove is between rooms 104E and 106E. Second floor elevator alcove is (drum roll, please...) between rooms 204E and 206E.