MSDL State Debate Final

2023 — Acton Boxborough HS, MA/US

Coach instructions - Check in

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Check-in is a two-step process

(1) Tabroom pre-tournament check-in - This step lets us know you are on your way and gives you an opportunity to let us know of any last-minute changes (e.g., someone got sick and can't come). You will do this step on the day your team starts debating:

Schools participating in Lincoln Douglas or Public Forum check in by 4:00 PM on Friday because those divisions start on Friday evening (see schedule - here).

Schools participating ONLY in Big Questions or Policy check in by 7:30 AM on Saturday morning because those divisions start on Saturday (see schedule - here).

(2) Onsite registration -

When you arrive at Acton-Boxborough HS on Saturday morning - check in on-site at and pay your registration fee. Please - no cash.

Pay your registration fee at the tab room table located outside Room 115 N (straight ahead from lobby, up 1/2 flight of stairs, turn right).

Step (1) - Tabroom pre-tournament check-in (Friday or Saturday - do only once)

As the coach, log into your Tabroom account.

Click on your username (email address) in the upper right corner of the home page.

Under the heading EXISTING TOURNAMENT REGISTRATIONS, click on "MSDL State Debate Final".

Click on the red CHECK-IN tab. At that point, you can verify your entry.

If you need to let us know of a change - e.g., a student who is not coming or a judge change - send an email message to In your message, be sure to (1) identify your school, (2) specify the division for which you need to make changes (e.g., "Varsity PF"), and (3) watch your email in case we have questions.

Step (2) - Onsite registration (everybody - when you arrive at Acton-Boxborough Regional HS)

Arrive no later than 7:45 AM.

Pay your registration fee at the check-in table - in the main entry hall. Please pay with a single check for your entire squad.

Collect one coupon for each of your STUDENT judges, entitling them to one complementary concession item.

8:15 AM - Judge briefing - see schedule (here).

8:30 AM - Competitor briefing - see schedule (here).

Note for SATURDAY - To coaches of teams that start debating on Friday

If you have last minute changes on Saturday morning (e.g., a debater who gets sick, or a judge change), email us at (as under Step (1)).