Jackson Hole Teton Invitational 2023

2023 — Jackson Hole, WY/US

World Schools Motions

We will run 2 rounds with this topic so every team will debate a prop and an opp:

This house would require all elected officials to delete their social media accounts

The third round will be an impromptu round. Here are the possible impromptu topics:

This house would allow ex-convicts to apply to join the police force.

This house regrets the decline of the family as the dominant unit of organization in society.

This house prefers a world where instead of charging tuition fees to students upfront, universities collect a portion of their income upon graduation.

This house would ban gated communities. (info slide: A gated community (or walled community) is a form of residential community or housing estate containing strictly controlled entrances and often characterized by a closed perimeter of walls and fences. Gated communities usually include various shared amenities.)

Remember, students cannot use anything but an almanac for the impromptu round.

We will then likely break straight to finals.

The finals round topic will be:
This house regrets the rise in popularity of the true crime genre

Additional Info:

Round Three of World Schools will be an Impromptu Topic

This round occurs at 9:30 Saturday morning. The competitors are supposed to have one hour of prep but we did not build that into our schedule. Since some of the students will be doubling, we are going to release the topic at 7:30 am to accommodate for this.

Here is the information from NSDA regarding the impromptu topic round:

Both the team supporting the motion and the team opposing the motion shall have one hour from the time the motion is released until the beginning of the impromptu round.

9.3.2 All members of the team—both those who will be speaking in the round and

any other members who may speak in other rounds—may participate in

preparation. Up to five members of a team may participate. Team members may not consult coaches or anyone other than the five members.

[Please be reminded that Jackson’s tournament invitation specified that there would only be teams of three at this tournament. ]

9.4 Materials

9.4.1 During preparation, students may take notes on electronic devices, but students should not use the internet for active research during the round. Students may use Google docs to communicate throughout prep with all members of their team. Non- competing students must close out of the Google doc before the round begins.

9.4.2 During preparation, teams may not bring any handwritten, printed, or published materials with them into their preparation room (or area) for impromptu debates aside from the following: an English language dictionary or a bilingual dictionary and a single- volume encyclopedia or almanac. Students may use a digital dictionary, single-volume encyclopedia, or almanac in place of a physical version as long as each team member is using the same digital resource, i.e. students may not use different digital almanacs in one round.

9.4.3 The use of hand-held cellular phones is permitted as a timing device only. The

cellular phone must be kept in airplane mode during preparation and the debate. Use for

any purpose other than timing may result in the loss of a round.

9.4.4 During the debate, students are permitted to bring with them hand-written notes

prepared during the preparation period, an English language dictionary or a bilingual

dictionary and a single-volume encyclopedia or almanac (or digital versions of these

items). No other printed or published materials are permitted.