Jackson Hole Teton Invitational 2023

2023 — Jackson Hole, WY/US

LAST MINUTE DETAILS - Registration, Bus Parking Etc

Registration will be held in the Rotunda from 1:30pm-2:30pm. Please send your drops via text message before Registration. 307-699-0537.

School is still in session until 3:50pm. Please do not have students enter the school until after 1:30pm and please keep them contained to the cafeteria until 3:50pm. They will be excused to go to the 1st round of LD & PF at 2:40pm.

The first round of competition (LD & PF Debates) will begin at 2:45pm instead of at 2:30pm. This is due to the JHHS school schedule.

Buses cannot park in the bus parking lot until after 4:15pm. Please have your busses drop students off at the main entrance (north) and then return after 4:15pm to park in the bus parking (east) - but the doors might be locked- or the large "student parking" lot (west) from which the doors will be unlocked.

Congress Sessions on Friday will run for 70 min- 1 hour and 10 min. Congress Round 3 on Saturday morning will run for 1 hour and 15min. Please let your students know that they may not extend the sessions, due to room usage and judges' commitments to other rounds.

CX will have 4 rounds then break straight to finals. It will follow this schedule:

Friday - Round 1- 4:15pm // Round 2 -7pm //Saturday - Round 3 - 9:30am // Round 4-12:30pm // Finals-3:30pm

PF and Big Questions will likely be round robins with 5 rounds and no finals. This will depend on drops though so stay tuned.

There are gender neutral bathrooms available. Please follow signage or ask at the judges table for locations.

Equity Office Liaisons will be available. Inquire at the judges table if you encounter an equity issue and they will direct you to the equity office.