The Longhorn Classic

2022 — Austin, TX/US

Arrival/Parking Info

As you begin final preparations for your arrival at this year's Longhorn Classic, here are a few details that will be important for your arrival:

Speech judging:Please remember (and remind your judges) that all school affiliated judges are committed through the end of the quarter-finals on Saturday. That means quarters for all three competition patterns! We will use our entire pool of judges across the three patterns. As long as everyone picks up, there will be at least one pattern off for each judge where you can grab food from our hospitality lounge.

All Congress judges:Please remain on standby in the morning until we get all chambers up and running. Congress judges may arrive to the Judge Hospitality Room for morning arrival and folder pickup.

Registration:Main registration will open be open from 12:30 pm until 2:30 pm on Friday and will be located in the University Teaching Center Room 3.102. The street address for the UTC is 105 West 21st Street, Austin, TX 78712. Please have bus drivers drop off in the vicinity of 21st and University. IMPORTANT: There is no longer an ability for buses to drop off directly at the UTC. Roads no longer are accessible in the PCL/Jester intersection. Your best drop off location is in the vicinity of 21st and University. If arriving after 2:30, we will continue to process registrations on a case-by-case basis throughout the remainder of the afternoon (please bear with us as we will be running the tournament at those times and may not be able to get to you instantaneously!)

Saturday morning registration (for Speech only schools that could not register on Friday) will open at 7:00 am and will take place in UTC 3.104. That registration period will close at 8:00 am (the start of all rounds).

Parking:For auto and vanparking, please see the UTparkingmaps available atPrintable VisitorParkingMap

(This is also a great map to make available to your students as it has a complete index of building locations)

Important Rooms:

Judge/Coach Hospitality - UTC 2.112 (the large auditorium room at ground level)

Extemp Draw for Saturday - UTC 2.102 (the room with built in tables/desks)

Debate Tab - UTC 3.102

Speech & Congress Tab - UTC 3.104 remember that we will be using electronically balloting for all rounds at the Longhorn, so judges need to be sure to bring suitable laptops or tablets to access their on-line ballots. If you are bringing judges who are not familiar withtabroom.comballoting, please get them trained before arrival.