The Longhorn Classic

2022 — Austin, TX/US

Individual Events Schedule

Oral Interpretation: Reminder students must have a complete Poetry and Prose performance for this category, and switching from one to the other each round.

Round 1 will be Prose. Round 2 will be Poetry. Quarters will be Prose, Semis will be Poetry, and for the final we will do Performer's Choice (each performer can choose to perform their favorite).

Individual Events – All Times Central Standard

Saturday December 3, 2022

8:00 AM

Pattern A Round 1 (DI, FX, INFO) Draw starts at 7:30 in UTC 2.102A

9:30 AM

Pattern B Round 1 (HI, USX, Oral Int) Draw starts at 9:00 in UTC 2.102A

11:00 AM

Pattern C Round 1 (DUO, POI, OO)

12:30 PM

Pattern A Round 2 Draw for FX starts at 12:00 noon.

2:00 PM

Pattern B Round 2 Draw for USX starts at 1:30 pm.

3:30 PM

Pattern C Round 2 (There is a short dinner break after this round, not provided by the tournament except for coaches & judges)

6:00 PM

Pattern A Quarters (Draw for FX starts at 5:30 or asap after coaches challenge.)

7:30 PM

Pattern B Quarters (Draw for USX starts at 7:00 or asap.)

9:00 PM

Pattern C Quarters

Coaches' challenges going into quarter-finals will be held in the Judge/Coach hospitality room. We anticipate challenge for patterns A&B to open at 5:00 p.m.; Challenge for pattern C will open at 8:30 p.m. (anticipated). Reminder that all school judge commitments are through the complete set of quarter-finals, which includes patterns A, B & C. All schools with advancing entries from quarter finals are obligated for both semis and finals on Sunday. There are no challenge periods for semis and finals, as the rounds are paneled and TFA tabulation rules will be followed.

Sunday December 4, 2022

8:30 AM

Pattern A Semis (Draw for FX starts at 8:00 am.)

10:00 AM

Pattern B Semis (Draw for USX starts at 9:30 am)

11:30 AM

Pattern C Semis

1:00 PM

Pattern A Finals (Draw for FX starts at 12:30 pm.)

2:30 PM

Pattern B Finals (Draw for USX starts at 2:00 pm.)

4:00 PM

Pattern C Finals


Tournament Awards Ceremony in UTC 2.112A. Anticipated start time is 6:00, though we may be able to start earlier. All semi-finalists and finalists will be recognized, as well as top overall speakers in Individual Events. All school sweepstakes categories will also be announced (including debate). Awards for non-advancing quarter-finalists may be picked up by a school representative outside of the judge/coach hospitality room once advancing students have been posted.