JW Patterson HS Invitational

2022 — Oklahoma City, OK/US

Food and Fees


The tournament will provide lunch to debaters, judges, and coaches.  We will likely use the popular food truck setup we have used in past for lunch, I will update this page when those are all secured.

The tournament hotel provides free breakfast for guests, but the tournament will not provide free breakfast.

The tournament will provide some snacks/drinks/water during the tournament.  Please tell your students to be reasonable with the free snacks so we have plenty for everyone.


I have done my best to keep fees reasonable as schools transition back to travel tournaments.  There is no school fee or separate food fee. 

Varsity Policy: $100 per entry

JV Policy RR: $100 per entry

Novice Policy: $80 per entry

Varsity LD: $50 per entry

Novice LD: $50 per entry

Varsity PF: $80 per entry

Judge Fees: We really want you to fulfill your judge obligation, I cannot guarantee hired judges.  Missing judge/hired judge fees are significant. We will be seeking out qualified hired judges, but since this is an in-person tournament it is a little more difficult to get hired judges.  If any of the coaches or judges entered in the tournament have extra rounds the tournament would be happy to buy those rounds from you.  Email me if you are interested.