Iowa Forensic League State Tournament

2022 — NSDA Campus, IA/US


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IHSFL Executive Committee nomination from Jeremy Fitzpatrick

I would like to nominate myself for a position on the IFL committee. I have been coaching speech and debate in some capacity since collage. I have built two successful programs in my time as a teacher, first at Winterset then at Johnston. Both of these have brought different challenges that I feel will allow me to serve the coaches of Iowa. I understand the restraints of a small school program as well as the challenges of managing a team in one of the largest high schools in the state. Because of these diverse experiences I have learned to listen to many different opinions on how to run and manage a team and have been able to navigate difficult and muddy waters. I have been the West Iowa District Chair for the last 6 years and a committee member for 10. I also serve on the IHSSA State Debate Committee. I have served on

the IFL board for 4 years now with the last to as President, I would love the opportunity to continue to serve the coaches of Iowa as a member of the IHSFL executive committee.



IHSFL Executive Committee nomination from Maggie Rietz


I’m nominating myself for a position on the Executive Committee. I have been the coach at Davenport West for 13 years and 3 years in California before that. I have served on the IFL Committee the last two years and given the last two years have not been typical years, I would like to continue on the committee. I am also currently the East Iowa District chair and I’ve served on the East Iowa Committee for three years prior to that. I believe it is important that Iowa speech and debate leadership is diverse and representative of our student population as much as possible, and as a female coach, I would be happy to continue serving on the committee.