Harvard Westlake Debates

2022 — Los Angeles, CA, US

debateLA Challenge

The debateLA Challenge is by invitation only. The invited participants will be receiving an email from Jasmine Stidham with additional details. Do not register your student prior to being invited. 

Tentative Tournament Schedule (PST):

8:00am: Round 1 Challenge
8:45am: Round 1
10:15am: Round 2 Challenge
11:00am: Round 2
1:00pm: Round 3 Challenge
1:45pm: Round 3
3:15pm: Round 4 Challenge
4:00pm: Round 4

8:00am: Round 5 Challenge
8:45am: Round 5
10:15am: Round 6 Challenge
11:00am: Round 6
2:00pm: Quarters Challenge
2:30pm: Quarters
3:45pm: Semis Challenge
4:15pm: Semis
6:00pm: Finals