Harvard Westlake Debates

2022 — Los Angeles, CA, US

Tournament Equity

Jasmine Stidham will be the tournament's Ombudsperson to hear any concerns regarding equity and inclusion. 


Examples of equity+inclusion concerns:

-Harassment during the tournament by an opponent, judge, or coach

-Inappropriate behavior from an opponent, judge, or coach

-Inappropriate or insensitive comments from a judge 


These are some examples of concerns that would fall under equity+inclusion, but there may be other areas not listed. 


Concerns that are not related to equity+inclusion:

-Disagreeing with a judge's decision

-The Opensource policy 

-Anything that happens before or after the tournament (an exception would be someone who is unsafe to be around children and is in the judge pool)


The review process:

(1) A coach or adult chaperone for a school/competitor entered in the tournament should email Jasmine (jasminestidham@gmail.com) to indicate they are filing a concern. Please give complete detailed description of concerns. Make sure to leave a cell phone number for follow-up on the email. 

(2) If the complaint or allegation is about the school's own coach or adult chaperone, then a student should direct their concerns to their parent or guardians and/or the school's administration. 

(3) The Ombudsperson would then determine how to hear out the case.

(4) Decision and implications of decision will be made by the Ombudsperson in consultation with the Tournament Directors. 

(5) Tournament Director(s) will announce decision and possible implications to relevant parties only as necessary.


(1) Anonymous forms cannot be processed since the Ombudsperson must be able to follow up with the concerns expressed, 

(2) Persons receiving this information are "mandated reporters" and are legally obligated to report any suspected  abuse, self-harm and/or harm to others to the Los Angeles or other area Dept. of Children and Family Services and the police (if necessary). 

(3) Your report may result in multiple people being contacted to follow-up with your concern, including, but not limited to, school coaches, principals, headmasters, participants, and parents as is necessary.