NPDL Fall Invitational

2021 — NSDA Campus, US

Online Platforms

The tournament will be tabbed using
- All students and judges must have linked Tabroom accounts and ensure prior to the tournament that they can log in to them
- All judge accounts must list the judge's cell phone number and cell provider (click 'Profile' to edit). Judges may receive a phone call during the tournament if there is an issue.
- Judges should click ‘Start Round’ as soon as they receive a ballot - they should not wait for the debate to actually start.
- Judges can see if the round pairings have been released by checking the 'Pairings' tab on the tournament page, and then selecting their division and round number on the right-hand sidebar.
- If pairings have been released, but a judge was not assigned a ballot, that judge should report to the judge room and wait to be assigned.
- If the judge was assigned a ballot, they should go straight to their NSDA Campus room. The students will arrive 20 minutes later, when prep time is over. But please be in the room early so we know you're ready to go.

NSDA Campus
Saturday rounds will be run using NSDA Campus.
- Judges and students should have Google Chrome installed, have a working webcam, and have a working headset with a microphone.
- Participants using an iPad should download the app version of the video tool that NSDA Campus uses which is called Jitsi.

Sunday elimination rounds, as well as the league meeting, will be run using Zoom.
The Zoom link will be emailed out on Saturday to all member school representatives and all tournament participants.