NPDL Fall Invitational

2021 — NSDA Campus, US


All teams will have the option of striking one judge.
Strikes will open October 20, close October 22 at 5PM, and can be entered in Tabroom.

1. Number of wins
2. Opponent seed 
3. Z-score 
4. Random

Teams from the same school will not be paired against each other during preliminary rounds, but brackets will not be broken in elimination rounds.
- Hybrids will be considered by tab staff to be unique schools and will not be protected from any entries.
- If teams from the same school are paired against one another in elimination rounds, the coach has the option of allowing the teams to debate or a walkover. If a hybrid team is paired against a team from one of the constituent schools in an elimination round, the teams will debate unless coaches from all constituent schools agree that one team should advance.

Speaker Points
NPDL Fall will use a speaker point scale between 24 and 30. Points may be awarded in increments of 0.1
24 - Inappropriate behavior
25 - Poor performance
26 - Significant weaknesses
27 - Average debater
28.5 - Deserves to clear to elimination rounds
29.5 - Best debater in the division
30 - Best debater you (the judge) have ever seen