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2017 — OR/US
Field in Open Prose
63 entries
Institution Location Entry Code
Nestucca OR/US Hannah Pecot AB 3101
Nestucca OR/US Aryanna Timm AB 3105
Nestucca OR/US Dylan Myers AB 3125
McMinnville OR/US Lauren Armstrong AC 3103
McMinnville OR/US Hope Smothers AC 3160
McMinnville OR/US Meagen 'Tony' Lemrick AC 3161
McMinnville OR/US Roselynne Davis AC 3162
Hood River Valley OR/US Lillian Ontiveros AF 3107
Hood River Valley OR/US Mason Leavitt AF 3111
Hood River Valley OR/US Amy Webber AF 3112
Hood River Valley OR/US Megan Church AF 3113
Hood River Valley OR/US Grace Skakel AF 3114
Hood River Valley OR/US Isabella Brennan AF 3115
Hood River Valley OR/US Ruby Patterson AF 3128
Ashland OR/US Sierrah Kelly AG 3109
Ashland OR/US Nic VanDerZwan AG 3131
Ashland OR/US Cole Daneman AG 3139
Ashland OR/US Gita Shanks AG 3142
Ashland OR/US Sophia Bauer AG 3167
Sandy OR/US Faith Anderson AH 3116
Lincoln OR/US Natalie Shershow AJ 3159
Woodrow Wilson OR/US Bryce Snyder AM 3135
Woodrow Wilson OR/US Wolf Morgan-Steiner AM 3170
Crater OR/US Chase Hukill AN 3106
Crater OR/US Shawn Holman AN 3143
Crater OR/US Charles Sereika AN 3154
Centennial OR/US Rodrigo Vidal-ornelas AP 3122
Sprague OR/US Emma Michaux AR 3164
Westview OR/US Aissata Sall AS 3100
Westview OR/US Sneha Jeyasingh AS 3137
Westview OR/US Jordan Henderson AS 3138
Sunset OR/US Sarthak Shah AW 3150
Sunset OR/US Raveen Karnik AW 3151
Marist Catholic OR/US Claire Coughran AX 3152
Marist Catholic OR/US Hannah McLaughlin AX 3153
Southridge OR/US Mariella Mandujano AZ 3117
Southridge OR/US Nick Denning AZ 3118
Clackamas OR/US Alexandria Williams BD 3130
Clackamas OR/US Alycia Frack BD 3141
Clackamas OR/US Isabelle Paylor BD 3163
Bandon OR/US Keeton Jennings BE 3102
Bandon OR/US Les Anderson BE 3119
Bandon OR/US Becky Yu BE 3120
Bandon OR/US Ruby Toole-Jackson BE 3121
Bandon OR/US Amelia Russell BE 3123
Bandon OR/US Nick Turner BE 3124
Corvallis OR/US Rose Martines BG 3126
Lake Oswego Senior OR/US Clare O'Gara BH 3127
Lake Oswego Senior OR/US Elliott Lloyd BH 3140
Cleveland OR/US Lyle Altschul BP 3110
Cleveland OR/US Della Godfrey-Langdon BP 3132
Cleveland OR/US Oz Johnson-Congleton BP 3133
Gresham-Barlow OR/US Katie Card BR 3134
Liberty OR/US Victor Johnson BS 3108
Liberty OR/US Dalton Sikes BS 3136
Mountainside OR/US Manar Abdeljawad BZ 3144
Mountainside OR/US Mina Ghami BZ 3145
Mountainside OR/US Ulfet Tayba BZ 3146
Mountainside OR/US Madison Stoehr BZ 3147
Tigard OR/US Amelia Webb CA 3155
Junction City OR/US Melanie Hanby CB 3156
Junction City OR/US Eryn Leatherwood CB 3157
Junction City OR/US Quinn Barrett CB 3158