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2017 — OR/US
Field in Novice Radio
56 entries
Institution Location Entry Code
Canby OR/US Anna Maurer AA 1125
Nestucca OR/US Elias Sifford AB 1120
Nestucca OR/US Fiona Hill AB 1121
North Valley OR/US Samantha Freedman AD 1104
North Valley OR/US Nikolas Johnson AD 1138
Hood River Valley OR/US Lizbeth Carabantes-Martinez AF 1109
Hood River Valley OR/US Mateo Campos-Davis AF 1126
Hood River Valley OR/US Claire Powell AF 1134
Sandy OR/US Parker Meyers AH 1100
Lincoln OR/US Mythili Ramineni AJ 1146
Lincoln OR/US Shriya Prasannan AJ 1147
Lincoln OR/US Vivian Wang AJ 1148
La Salle Catholic College Prep OR/US Madison Jefferis AL 1105
La Salle Catholic College Prep OR/US Alison Paguio AL 1117
La Salle Catholic College Prep OR/US Annie Hoang AL 1119
La Salle Catholic College Prep OR/US Olivia Cooley AL 1122
Woodrow Wilson OR/US Charlotte Fay AM 1106
Woodrow Wilson OR/US Zoe Carver AM 1110
Crater OR/US Billi Brown AN 1101
Crater OR/US Alyssa Young AN 1102
Crater OR/US Robert Vigil AN 1108
Centennial OR/US Henry Dobesh AP 1103
Westview OR/US Sree Adusumilli AS 1114
Westview OR/US Karthik Ashok AS 1154
Westview OR/US Nikita Gautham AS 1155
Sunset OR/US Aishwarya Grandhe AW 1149
Sunset OR/US Pranav Sharma AW 1150
Sunset OR/US Padmini Bhagavatula AW 1151
Sunset OR/US Adithi Mahankali AW 1152
Marist Catholic OR/US Riley Anderson AX 1143
Marist Catholic OR/US Elizabeth Grieve AX 1144
West Albany OR/US Lajla Raske BA 1145
Bandon OR/US Kyla Harris BE 1115
Bandon OR/US Isabella Erenfeld BE 1116
Bandon OR/US Isabella Bean BE 1123
Lake Oswego Senior OR/US Barbara Chen BH 1118
Lake Oswego Senior OR/US Dylan Lok BH 1158
Century OR/US Kyle Jorgensen BK 1127
Summit OR/US Barbara Norton BL 1111
Cleveland OR/US Kaelan Anderson BP 1129
Cleveland OR/US Grayson Sturgeon BP 1130
Cleveland OR/US Aaron Asay BP 1131
Cleveland OR/US Lana Perice BP 1132
Cleveland OR/US Jess Orkin BP 1133
Cleveland OR/US London Mahaley BP 1160
Gresham-Barlow OR/US Jesse Wilson BR 1135
Gresham-Barlow OR/US Nicolina Williams BR 1153
Liberty OR/US Allannah Jones BS 1136
Tillamook OR/US Nurul Lastriana BW 1159
Mountainside OR/US Madbh O'Shea BZ 1139
Mountainside OR/US Bao-Truc Tran BZ 1140
Pendleton OR/US Janessa Headley CD 1112
Pendleton OR/US Dante Justice CD 1113
Pendleton OR/US Jill Schulz CD 1124
Pendleton OR/US Evan Miller CD 1156
Pendleton OR/US Elle Marsh CD 1157