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2017 — OR/US
Field in Novice Poetry
39 entries
Institution Location Entry Code
McMinnville OR/US Jace Gwilliam AC 938
McMinnville OR/US Daphne Moses AC 939
North Valley OR/US Samantha Bramblett AD 904
Hood River Valley OR/US Hannah Roser AF 909
Hood River Valley OR/US Maggie Bertrand AF 910
Sandy OR/US Mikayla Wood AH 900
Sandy OR/US Madison Nyseth AH 901
Sandy OR/US Ma'alo Gaoteote AH 902
Lincoln OR/US Jina Lim AJ 908
Lincoln OR/US Issa Okamoto AJ 942
Crater OR/US Dyani Zavala AN 903
Crater OR/US Billi Brown AN 905
Westview OR/US Nikita Gautham AS 941
Sunset OR/US Aarna Dixit AW 940
Marist Catholic OR/US Nikola Susec AX 936
Gresham OR/US Kaitlyn Wright AY 907
Southridge OR/US Ian Stitt AZ 911
Clackamas OR/US Kathryn Ashenberner BD 950
Bandon OR/US Isabella Bean BE 912
Bandon OR/US Kyla Harris BE 914
Crescent Valley OR/US Mithril Ajootian BF 915
Crescent Valley OR/US Juan Castillo Delgado BF 916
Crescent Valley OR/US Renate Heath BF 926
Silverton OR/US Madelinn Kranz BN 917
Cleveland OR/US Harper Hamilton BP 920
Cleveland OR/US Lana Perice BP 921
Gresham-Barlow OR/US Max Campbell BR 922
Glencoe OR/US Abigail Mutchler BT 948
Tillamook OR/US Zoe Marie Pigeot BW 927
Tillamook OR/US Annabel Riddle BW 928
Tillamook OR/US Elizabeth Erskine BW 929
Mountainside OR/US Mary Weathers BZ 932
Mountainside OR/US Danyel Leiva BZ 933
Mountainside OR/US Madbh O'Shea BZ 934
Tigard OR/US Marta Berger CA 937
Pendleton OR/US Janessa Headley CD 946
Hermiston OR/US Isabel Diego CE 918
Hermiston OR/US Kassandra Estrada CE 925
Hermiston OR/US Mariah F CE 951