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2017 — OR/US
Field in Open Expos
25 entries
School Location Entry Code
Bandon OR/US Marino Santoro BE 2408
Bandon OR/US Jackson Kennon BE 2417
Canby OR/US Kayleigh Looney AA 2418
Centennial OR/US Claire Dobesch AP 2407
Centennial OR/US Kangla Moua AP 2409
Clackamas OR/US Annie Marshall BD 2400
Crater OR/US Madeline Hickman AN 2403
Crater OR/US Chase Hukill AN 2404
Glencoe OR/US Andrea Cid BT 2427
Gresham-Barlow OR/US Katie Card BR 2425
Gresham-Barlow OR/US Liz Card BR 2426
Hood River Valley OR/US Sarah Wang AF 2413
Hood River Valley OR/US Ruby Patterson AF 2420
Junction City OR/US Quinn Barrett CB 2423
La Salle Catholic College Prep OR/US Grace Elkhal AL 2411
Lake Oswego Senior OR/US Emmy Markgraf BH 2419
Lakeridge OR/US Etan Khlevnoy BC 2424
Nestucca OR/US Jacob Straessle AB 2401
North Valley OR/US Ty Toledo AD 2406
Phoenix OR/US Ezra De Luca CF 2430
Sandy OR/US Hannah Randall AH 2402
Sandy OR/US Dylan Joyce AH 2405
Sprague OR/US Caitlin Meek AR 2429
Westview OR/US Sophie Ong AS 2414
Westview OR/US Ananya Sammidi AS 2415