ONW Forensics Invitational NIETOC

2023 — Olathe, KS/US
Field in Congress - House
62 entries
Institution Location Entry Code Status
Lawrence KS/US Adelle Spiess Adelle Spiess
Spring Hill KS/US Adiel García Adiel García
Lansing KS/US Adrian Torres Adrian Torres
Emporia KS/US Alan Garcia Alan Garcia
Bishop Miege KS/US Alexander Haggerty Alexander Haggerty
Olathe South KS/US Amy Linde Amy Linde
Sumner Academy of Arts and Science KS/US Andrew Serrano Andrew Serrano
Lawrence KS/US Anne Woolverton Anne Woolverton
Olathe West KS/US Aria Kettler Aria Kettler
Lansing KS/US Atlas Bell They/Them Atlas Bell They/Them
Lansing KS/US Austin Davis Austin Davis
SHS KS/US Beau Artzer Beau Artzer
Olathe South KS/US Cameron Linde Cameron Linde
Blue Valley KS/US Catherine Li Catherine Li
Shawnee Mission East KS/US Charles Crossley Charles Crossley
Olathe East KS/US Denise Hiracheta Denise Hiracheta
Sumner Academy of Arts and Science KS/US Diego Gudino-Chausse Diego Gudino-Chausse
Olathe West KS/US Dominic Hull Dominic Hull
Lansing KS/US Dylan Light Dylan Light
Washburn Rural KS/US Ethan Rentier Ethan Rentier
Shawnee Mission North KS/US Gabe Schmitz Gabe Schmitz
Olathe East KS/US Gabriel Gelsheimer Gabriel Gelsheimer
Lansing KS/US Garrett Magee Garrett Magee
Blue Valley North KS/US Haya Boda Haya Boda
Lansing KS/US Jackson Jackson Jackson Jackson
Shawnee Mission East KS/US Jackson Terreros Jackson Terreros
De Soto KS/US Jaxon Tuttle Jaxon Tuttle
De Soto KS/US Jay Schlotzhauer Jay Schlotzhauer
Bishop Miege KS/US Joseph Schmidt Joseph Schmidt
Emporia KS/US Kameron Welch Kameron Welch
Lawrence KS/US Kayleigh Gill Kayleigh Gill
SHS KS/US Keara Martin Keara Martin
Sumner Academy of Arts and Science KS/US Keneth Rodriguez Acosta Keneth Rodriguez Acosta
Lawrence Free State KS/US Logan Dinges Logan Dinges
Lansing KS/US Lucien Edward Alexander Rader Lucien Edward Alexander Rader
Shawnee Mission East KS/US Lucy Pace Lucy Pace
Lawrence KS/US Maddock Oberzan Maddock Oberzan
Shawnee Mission East KS/US Madeline Doyle Madeline Doyle
Blue Valley North KS/US Madisyn Stogsdill Madisyn Stogsdill
Shawnee Mission North KS/US Marie McGovern Marie McGovern
Lansing KS/US Marzae Montour Marzae Montour
Piper KS/US Max Guggisberg Max Guggisberg
Blue Valley KS/US Maximilian Bates Maximilian Bates
Blue Valley KS/US Molly James Molly James
Lansing KS/US Montgomery White Montgomery White
Sumner Academy of Arts and Science KS/US Nadia Tapia Nadia Tapia
Lansing KS/US Nikki Svedarsky Nikki Svedarsky
Blue Valley KS/US Nikoo Tahmasebi Nikoo Tahmasebi
Lawrence Free State KS/US Noah Pultz-Earle Noah Pultz-Earle
Bishop Miege KS/US Norah Carney Norah Carney
Bishop Miege KS/US Oliver Busenhart Oliver Busenhart
Lawrence Free State KS/US Pryce Brinkerhoff Pryce Brinkerhoff
Lansing KS/US Rachel Schultz Rachel Schultz
Bishop Miege KS/US River Ball River Ball
Emporia KS/US Ryan Rodriguez Ryan Rodriguez
Lansing KS/US Sam Schmidt Sam Schmidt
Emporia KS/US Taylor Rhymer Taylor Rhymer
Lansing KS/US Trinity Staton Trinity Staton
Sumner Academy of Arts and Science KS/US Tyra McNeil Tyra McNeil
Olathe East KS/US Valory Boyd Valory Boyd
SHS KS/US Vivien Williams Vivien Williams