ONW Forensics Invitational NIETOC

2023 — Olathe, KS/US
Field in Humorous Interp
44 entries
School Location Entry Code Status
Blue Springs South MO Trevor Ray 1 Trevor Ray
Blue Springs South MO Donte' Thomas 1 Donte' Thomas
Blue Springs South MO Cheyenne Paris 1 Cheyenne Paris
Blue Springs South MO Danielle Myers 1 Danielle Myers
Blue Springs South MO Kendall Morris 1 Kendall Morris
Blue Valley KS/US Colton Fieger 34 Colton Fieger
Blue Valley KS/US Grant Kozisek 34 Grant Kozisek
Blue Valley Southwest KS/US Anna Ravenscroft 14 Anna Ravenscroft
Blue Valley West KS/US Noah Ledom Noah Ledom
Blue Valley West KS/US Garrett Hare 7 Garrett Hare
Blue Valley West KS/US Margo Thomas 7 Margo Thomas
Blue Valley West KS/US Neha Shankar 7 Neha Shankar
Blue Valley West KS/US Alexander Collier 7 Alexander Collier
Dodge City KS/US Eli Klenke 30 Eli Klenke
Dodge City KS/US Yamir Gardea 30 Yamir Gardea
Emporia KS/US Aleena Bair 16 Aleena Bair
Emporia KS/US Daniel Mendoza 16 Daniel Mendoza
F.L. Schlagle KS/US Charles McLaughlin 35 Charles McLaughlin
Garden City KS/US Emma Banwell 28 Emma Banwell
Garden City KS/US Benjamin Mahoney 28 Benjamin Mahoney
Halstead KS/US Luke Ayres 9 Luke Ayres
Lansing KS/US Patrick Wong 8 Patrick Wong
Lansing KS/US Melina Rodriguez 8 Melina Rodriguez
Lawrence Free State KS/US Ava Ayala 13 Ava Ayala
Lawrence Free State KS/US CiCi Hunter 13 CiCi Hunter
Lawrence KS/US Shea Spiess 31 Shea Spiess
Lawrence KS/US Rose Kennedy 31 Rose Kennedy
Lawrence KS/US Dominic Moore 31 Dominic Moore
Manhattan KS/US Allie Cloyd 23 Allie Cloyd
Manhattan KS/US Willow Graves 23 Willow Graves
Manhattan KS/US Andrew Hutchinson 23 Andrew Hutchinson
Mill Valley KS/US Yazid Vazquez 24 Yazid Vazquez
Mill Valley KS/US Andrew Cormany 24 Andrew Cormany
Piper KS/US Marcy Vinyard 29 Marcy Vinyard
SHS KS/US Anja Lampe-Martinez 12 Anja Lampe-Martinez
Shawnee Mission East KS/US Delaney McDermed 18 Delaney McDermed
Shawnee Mission East KS/US Jackson Terreros 18 Jackson Terreros
Shawnee Mission West KS/US William Weber William Weber
Shawnee Mission West KS/US Faryn Clevenger 21 Faryn Clevenger
Sumner Academy of Arts and Science KS/US Isaac Lainez 15 Isaac Lainez
Sumner Academy of Arts and Science KS/US Micaela Patrick 15 Micaela Patrick
Sumner Academy of Arts and Science KS/US Kayleeann Milborn 15 Kayleeann Milborn
Sumner Academy of Arts and Science KS/US Edwin Navarrete Duran 15 Edwin Navarrete Duran
Washburn Rural KS/US Cade Nelson 3 Cade Nelson