ONW Forensics Invitational NIETOC

2023 — Olathe, KS/US
Field in Congress - Novice House
60 entries
School Location Entry Code Status
Bishop Miege KS/US Sophia Nguyen Sophia Nguyen
Bishop Miege KS/US Spencer Moxley Spencer Moxley
Blue Valley West KS/US Eric Du Eric Du
Blue Valley West KS/US Bryan Gu Bryan Gu
Blue Valley West KS/US Noah Ledom Noah Ledom
Blue Valley West KS/US Aryav Biyala Aryav Biyala
Blue Valley West KS/US Garrett Hare Garrett Hare
Blue Valley West KS/US Omar Soliman Omar Soliman
Blue Valley West KS/US Amira Shariff Amira Shariff
Blue Valley West KS/US Abdullah Haque Abdullah Haque
Blue Valley West KS/US Richa Kushangi Richa Kushangi
Blue Valley West KS/US Usman Siddiqui Usman Siddiqui
Blue Valley West KS/US Tasneem Fatimah Tasneem Fatimah
Blue Valley West KS/US Nihanth Dangudubiyyam Nihanth Dangudubiyyam
De Soto KS/US Chloe Weber Chloe Weber
Dodge City KS/US Katie Klecker Katie Klecker
Dodge City KS/US Erica Rodriguez Erica Rodriguez
Dodge City KS/US Brennan Carbajal Brennan Carbajal
Dodge City KS/US Alexandra Morales Alexandra Morales
Dodge City KS/US Madalynne Hernandez Madalynne Hernandez
Dodge City KS/US Yaki Castillo-Lopez Yaki Castillo-Lopez
Emporia KS/US Alex Diaz Alex Diaz
Emporia KS/US Jon Laudie Jon Laudie
Emporia KS/US Talia Welch Talia Welch
Emporia KS/US Olivia Weatherby Olivia Weatherby
Lansing KS/US Haven Kane Haven Kane
Lansing KS/US Mari Worley Mari Worley
Lansing KS/US Bayne Yoakam Bayne Yoakam
Lansing KS/US Allyssa Martin Allyssa Martin
Lansing KS/US Justice Rockhold Justice Rockhold
Lawrence KS/US Jonah Lyles Jonah Lyles
Lawrence KS/US Cameron Schavee Cameron Schavee
Mill Valley KS/US Lily Suman Lily Suman
Mill Valley KS/US Mia Plumberg Mia Plumberg
Mill Valley KS/US Sawyer Clark Sawyer Clark
Mill Valley KS/US Andie Reynolds Andie Reynolds
Olathe East KS/US August Teegardin August Teegardin
Olathe South KS/US Kierra Getz Kierra Getz
Olathe South KS/US Landon Weaver Landon Weaver
Olathe South KS/US Joel Gutierrez Joel Gutierrez
Olathe South KS/US Andrew Guernsey Andrew Guernsey
Olathe West KS/US Sophia Bush Sophia Bush
Olathe West KS/US Laura Kulanurm Laura Kulanurm
SHS KS/US Dalton Parsons Dalton Parsons
Shawnee Mission East KS/US Poppy Root Poppy Root
Shawnee Mission East KS/US Ishaan Home Ishaan Home
Shawnee Mission East KS/US Addison Hall Addison Hall
Shawnee Mission East KS/US Fiona Madden Fiona Madden
Shawnee Mission East KS/US Brynn Bettenhausen Brynn Bettenhausen
Shawnee Mission North KS/US Camden Kenney Camden Kenney
Shawnee Mission North KS/US Josie Yungeberg Josie Yungeberg
Sumner Academy of Arts and Science KS/US Sophia Brown Sophia Brown
Sumner Academy of Arts and Science KS/US Ruquyo Mohamed Ruquyo Mohamed
Sumner Academy of Arts and Science KS/US Elizabeth Wrinkles Elizabeth Wrinkles
Sumner Academy of Arts and Science KS/US Citlali Lopez Cortes Citlali Lopez Cortes
Washburn Rural KS/US Tej Patel Tej Patel
Washburn Rural KS/US Elia Smith Elia Smith
Washburn Rural KS/US Tarrence Byrd Tarrence Byrd
Washburn Rural KS/US Ava Von Lintel Ava Von Lintel
Washburn Rural KS/US Drake Gingrich Drake Gingrich