Haskell Haymaker Invitational

2023 — Haskell, OK/US
Field in Novice Poetry
11 entries
Institution Location Entry Code
Okmulgee OK/US Angelina Tinkle-Lahl 02 Angelina Tinkle-Lahl
Okmulgee OK/US Kahamoni King 02 Kahamoni King
Okmulgee OK/US Maya King 02 Maya King
Okmulgee OK/US Olivia Biaselli 02 Olivia Biaselli
Okmulgee OK/US Zephin Burleigh 02 Zephin Burleigh
Tulsa School of Arts and Sciences OK/US Astrid Kin 10 Astrid Kin
Tulsa Central OK/US Raquel Reese 15 Raquel Reese
Tulsa Central OK/US Shanayah Roby 15 Shanayah Roby
Stratford OK/US Maddie Caton 19 Maddie Caton
Mounds OK/US Chloe Jones 20 Chloe Jones
Mounds OK/US Lola Johnson 20 Lola Johnson