Haskell Haymaker Invitational

2023 — Haskell, OK/US
Field in Champs Humorous Interp
18 entries
Institution Location Entry Code
Haskell OK/US Ryder Points 05 Ryder Points
Muldrow OK/US Luke Hallum 09 Luke Hallum
Muldrow OK/US Mason Brignac 09 Mason Brignac
Muldrow OK/US Nick Rhodes 09 Nick Rhodes
Tulsa School of Arts and Sciences OK/US Azzy Petty 10 Azzy Petty
Lincoln Christian OK/US Hannah Wagner 11 Hannah Wagner
Lincoln Christian OK/US Sanaa Thomas 11 Sanaa Thomas
Keys OK/US Angel Maldonado 12 Angel Maldonado
Keys OK/US Nathan Allen 12 Nathan Allen
Keys OK/US Riley Peevy 12 Riley Peevy
Keys OK/US Triston McCollum 12 Triston McCollum
Riverfield Country Day OK/US Jackson Baker 13 Jackson Baker
Bristow OK/US Isaiah Wilson 14 Isaiah Wilson
Bristow OK/US Taylor Webb 14 Taylor Webb
Bristow OK/US Xavier Bigpond 14 Xavier Bigpond
Stratford OK/US Haylee Dickerson 19 Haylee Dickerson
Stratford OK/US Zoel Esparza 19 Zoel Esparza
Bristow OK/US Gary Daughtry Gary Daughtry