Haskell Haymaker Invitational

2023 — Haskell, OK/US
Field in Champs Dramatic Interp
20 entries
School Location Entry Code
Bristow OK/US Taylor Webb 14 Taylor Webb
Bristow OK/US Wake Tidwell 14 Wake Tidwell
Bristow OK/US Zoey Snelling 14 Zoey Snelling
Caddo OK/US Carly Bagby 21 Carly Bagby
Keys OK/US Meadow Deem 12 Meadow Deem
Keys OK/US Lacey Laymon 12 Lacey Laymon
Keys OK/US Hawk Dilldine 12 Hawk Dilldine
Keys OK/US Reagan Wright 12 Reagan Wright
Keys OK/US Gracie Landaverde 12 Gracie Landaverde
Lincoln Christian OK/US Isaac Martin 11 Isaac Martin
Lincoln Christian OK/US Brayden Evans 11 Brayden Evans
Muldrow OK/US Lily Gibson 09 Lily Gibson
Quinton Public OK/US Avory Gilpatrick 23 Avory Gilpatrick
Riverfield Country Day OK/US Trey Pope 13 Trey Pope
Riverfield Country Day OK/US Jackson Baker 13 Jackson Baker
Riverfield Country Day OK/US Leah Stallings 13 Leah Stallings
Stratford OK/US Abbie Wigley 19 Abbie Wigley
Tulsa Central OK/US Justice Carmona 15 Justice Carmona
Tulsa School of Arts and Sciences OK/US Azzy Petty 10 Azzy Petty
Tulsa School of Arts and Sciences OK/US Lee Panther 10 Lee Panther