Seattle Prep Middle School Tournament

2023 — Seattle, WA/US

Novice Dramatic Interpretative Reading

Abbreviation NDI
Format Speech
Entry Fee $5.00
Overall Entry Limit 100
Entry 1 competitors per entry

Event Description:

1. Speaker may read one or more selections of published prose, poetry or drama.

2. Material should be dramatic in nature.

3. If more than one selection is read they must be connected by a central theme.

4. Speaker is required to have an introduction and transitions should connect selections if more than one reading is used. Intro may be memorized and included in 8-min. time limit.

5. Speaker should maintain the illusion of reading (occasionally reference the script).

6. Body movement is limited to a one-step radius.

7. Gestures should be limited.

8. The TIME LIMIT for this event is a maximum of 8 minutes with a 30 second grace period.