Damus Hollywood Invitational

2020 — NSDA Campus, CA/US


Abbreviation JVLD
Format Debate
Resolved: The United States ought to provide a federal jobs guarantee.
Entry Fee $35.00
Overall Entry Limit 120
Entry Limit Per School 6
Entry 1 competitors per entry

Event Description:

Lincoln-Douglas will include varsity, JV and novice divisions, with NSDA rules and time limits. All divisions will be single-flighted.

In the JV division, any competitor in their second year of high school competition is eligible. Middle school experience will not count toward this total so a student may have competed in middle school for 3 years, but if it is only their second year of competition as a high school student, then they are still eligible for the JV division. The JV division will have 6 preliminary rounds, then will break to quarterfinals or less depending on numbers. A brief awards ceremony will recognize the top 5 speakers after preliminary rounds.

A school may enter a maximum of six (6) debaters in the varsity and four (4) debaters in the JV or novice division. We have space for approximately 80 varsity, 30 JV, and 30 novice debaters in LD.

The November/December NSDA Lincoln-Douglas topic will be used; check the NSDA website.

JV Judging Requirements for Lincoln-Douglas Debate

Only qualified adults are eligible to judge in the JV division. Coaches/Directors are responsible for ensuring that any judges are knowledgeable enough to fairly assess a JV debate round.


  • Each team = 3 rounds (e.g., 2 JVLD teams = 6 rounds and requires at least 1 judge to cover; 3 JVLD teams = 9 rounds and requires at least 2 judges to cover)

Penalty for Missing Rounds

Please note there is a $50 per round penalty for any judges that miss their rounds. Please advise your judging staff that the team will be charged if they do not attend their debate rounds. We prefer not to charge any teams for missing debate rounds and this nuisance fee is only assessed to discourage judges from missing debates to ensure a high quality experience for all competitors.

Hired Judging for Lincoln-Douglas Debate

There will be a limited number of LD and policy judges available for hire. Note that once you hire a judge, you are financially responsible to pay for that request EVEN IF you find you do not need it as the tournament approaches. You must email Christina Phillips at Phillips@ndhs.org by October 15, 2020, at 5pm (PT) to hire judging.