Damus Hollywood Invitational

2020 — NSDA Campus, CA/US

Welcome to the Seventh Annual Damus Hollywood Invitational!  We are excited to host the tournament on November 7-9, 2020.


We are a quarterfinals bid to the Tournament of Champions in varsity policy and a semifinals bid to the Tournament of Champions in varsity LD. We also hope to have a diverse national pool of competitors in both varsity policy and LD that will ensure a better points standing for the NDCA Championships.

There are some initial entry limits to ensure that we have a diverse pool of competitors online; however, note that we will allow teams beyond these entry limits if space allows. Initial entry limits per school are as follows: 4 VCX, 2 JV CX, Unlimited NCX, 8 VLD, 6 JV LD, Unlimited NLD, 4 PF, and 4 WSD. All competitors must represent the school for which they are currently enrolled, have principal approval to travel and compete as part of the school’s official debate team and have an adult chaperone present at the tournament. No independent entries will be accepted. No hybrid entries will be accepted outside of the novice and JV divisions.


Registration will open on September 4th (5pm PT) at http://damushollywoodinvitational.tabroom.com. Due to limited space, we urge teams to register ASAP.  Once the tournament space fills, we will start a waitlist for each event.


Some tournament highlights/changes:

(1)   iPad will be given to the top speakers in all divisions of public forum, policy, LD and WSD.

(2)  Novice Policy will be limited to reading NDCA Novice Policy Packet. Please email questions if you are unclear on what this policy means.  

(3)  Coaches will be asked to acknowledge ALL tournament policies and video/audio recording procedures as part of registration. They will also need to get the School Authorization Form signed and individual Media Releases from each competitor.

(4)  An Ombudsperson will be appointed to address any concerns about diversity, equity, and inclusion at the tournament.

(5)  We will be using either NSDA Campus and will have Zoom as back-up in case of emergency.

(6)  3rd and 4th year varsity debaters can judge the novice divisions of policy and LD. Qualified adult judges are required for all JV and Open Divisions.


Please read the rest of the invitation for fee and tournament policies.  If you have any questions, please contact Christina Phillips at Phillips@ndhs.org.


Best wishes,

Christina Phillips                                          

Director of Debate, Notre Dame