Mustang Madness

2024 — Herriman, UT/US

Newscaster (ASYNCH)

Abbreviation (NEWS)
Format Speech
Entry Fee $2.50
Entry Teams of between 1 and 4 competitors

Event Description:


Each pair of students will read a three-minute prepared newscast focusing on national news events. The reading of the script should be balanced between the 2-4 students. The script is prepared by the students covering national events since January 1, 2022. For Asynchronous events, Newscasting MUST be a single, uninterrupted recording. Cut takes are not allowed.

Judging Criteria:

Vocal Characteristics:Does the speakers effectively use a variety of pitch, rate and stress? Is there a quality in the speakers’ voices suitable for broadcast?

Techniques:Are the speakers effective in breath control, script handling and projection?

Reading Techniques: Are the speakers accurate in pronunciation? Do the speakers effectively read the copy, giving it the feel of an actual broadcast?

On-Air Projection:Do the speakers project enthusiasm, confidence and adaptability?

Overall Effect:Did the speakers present an effective and clear broadcast? Did the speakers effectively and professionally interact with each other? Were the speakers able to look away from their scripts?