Mustang Madness

2024 — Herriman, UT/US

Varsity Domestic Extemp- A

Abbreviation VEX-A
Format Speech
Entry Fee $5.00
Overall Entry Limit 30
Entry Limit Per School 3
Entry 1 competitors per entry

Event Description:

Students are presented with a choice of three questions related to international current events and, in 30 minutes, prepare a seven-minute speech answering the selected question. Students may consult articles and evidence they gather prior to the contest, but may or may not use the internet during preparation depending on the tournament (Utah Debate Coaches have accepted this as a rule to allow, but tournaments are allowed to do as they see fit). Topics range from country-specific issues to regional concerns to foreign policy. The speech is delivered from memory.

. Extemporaneous Speaking, typically called extemp, is a speech on current events with limited preparation time. A student’s understanding of important political, economic, and cultural issues is assessed along with critical thinking and analytical skills. Students report to a draw room (often referred to as extemp prep) where all of the extempers gather at tables, set out their files, and await their turn to draw topics. Students may access research brought with them to the tournament during the 30-minute preparation period. When prep time is up, the student reports to the competition room to deliver a 7 minute speech.

Students have a lot to do in 30 minutes—they must select a question, review research, outline arguments with supporting materials, and practice at least part of the speech before time expires. Many tournaments prohibit the consultation of notes during the speech in which case speech structure and evidence need to be memorized during prep time as well.

4-7 min speech. No Notes allowed during speech. If they do, just mark them down one ranking from where they would be. IF they go over time, (give them a few sec grace) then mark as you normally would and then click overtime.