Mustang Madness

2024 — Herriman, UT/US

DUO - B In-Person

Abbreviation DUO-B
Format Speech
Entry Fee $10.00
Overall Entry Limit 20
Entry Limit Per School 2
Entry 2 competitors per entry

Event Description:

You can leave and save comments for each team separately and then comments to team as a whole. Please make sure to leave something. You should enter your decision first and then you can update or put in comments later if needed or type as you go.

Two competitors team up to deliver a ten-minute performance of a published play or story. Using off-stage focus, competitors convey emotion and environment through a variety of performance techniques focusing on the relationships and interactions between the characters. No props or costumes are used. Performances can also include an introduction written by the students to contextualize the performance and state the title and the author.

Duo. The event everyone wants to do with a best friend. In truth, while the appeal of duo might be performing with a friend, this approach may not be best. Duo is about balance. Partners need to compliment one another stylistically, have a similar skill set and work ethic. Chemistry is an important element of duo, but chemistry outside of a practice/performance setting does not always translate to chemistry when practicing or performing at a tournament. Be sure to share your goals with your coach as they help you through the process of getting started in duo.

Duo is an event that can be dramatic, comedic, or a combination of the two. With a ten minute time cap, and a requirement of an off-stage focus, Duo is one of the most unique forms of performance. The main objective is to maintain a sense of balance between performers that focuses on the relationship(s) between the characters they create.

They have up to 10 Minutes, does not have to be, there is no minimum time. They also cannot have direct eye contact or touch each other.