Delta Novice

2023 — PASCO, WA/US

Lincoln Douglas

Abbreviation LD
Format Debate
Resolved: The United States ought to prohibit the extraction of fossil fuels from federal public lands and waters
Entry Fee $5.00
Entry 1 competitors per entry

Event Description:

In this one-on-one format, students debate a topic provided by the National Speech & Debate Association. Topics range from individual freedom versus the collective good to economic development versus environmental protection. Students may consult evidence gathered prior to the debate but may not use the internet in round. An entire debate is roughly 45 minutes and consists of constructive speeches, rebuttals, and cross-examination. NSDA

Value frameworks (questions students may focus on during the debate):
• What do (or should we) care about?
• How do we achieve that good thing? Demonstrate that your perspective achieves that
good thing.
Structure (essential elements of debate):
• Development (Construction)
• Exchange (Clarification)
• Clash (Deconstruction)
• Extension (development or Rebuttal)
• Perspective (framing) (Shawn Briscoe)
Please remember that students may not have a choice in which side of the topic they are
debating. Please do not judge only on whether or not you agree with a debater. Do not judge
them on what you think they should have said or if they left something out if their opponent does
not bring it up (though you can include it as a comment to help them in future tournaments).