Delta Novice

2023 — PASCO, WA/US

Impromptu Speaking

Abbreviation Imp
Format Speech
Entry Fee $5.00
Entry 1 competitors per entry

Event Description:

We follow WA state rules for Impromptu. Some of those rules are listed below.

Student will receive a choice of three topic options from the tournament and choose one on camera. When the topics are viewed the time begins. Competitors will submit one recording for all three rounds.

A good impromptu speaker will discuss intelligently and with adequate speaking skills his/her chosen topic. Each contestant will have a different choice of topics.
The contestant has six (6) minutes to choose one of three topics, organize thoughts and speak on the chosen topic. No notes may be prepared or used. The speaker must identify the chosen topic as part of the introduction.
Time limit: preparation and speaking time shall be a total of six (6) minutes. Contestants may
use the time as they wish. If the speaker goes over a 30 second grace period the contestant may not
be awarded first place in the round. No minimum time limit.