Delta Novice

2023 — PASCO, WA/US


Abbreviation CON
Format Congress
Entry Fee $5.00
Entry 1 competitors per entry

Event Description:

Students will be allowed to use computers in-round for flowing, note-taking, the reading of speeches, and looking up pre-prepared evidence. The tournament will not be liable for any computer crashes or technological issues, and students should bring paper copies of evidence and speeches to be prepared for this occurrence.


  • The official legislation adopted by the State will be the legislation used for the tournament. A copy of the legislation is available on the Tabroom site. Please have your students in Congress bring their own copies of the legislation. NO COPIES WILL BE PROVIDED.

Docket Setting:

  • We will follow the docket setting method suggested by the WSFA committee. Each school represented in each house will draw numbers to determine the order for a legislation draft. They will then take turns picking bills to be debated. This will determine the docket for the session.


  • Each speech will be awarded up to 6 points by the judge in the round. The parliamentarian will score the PO. After each session, judges will rank the top eight speakers, including the PO. The cumulative total of these ranks in preliminary rounds will determine the students who will advance to Super Congress.

  • The parliamentarian’s one-time ranking of the chamber at the end of preliminary rounds will be used to break any ties that result both in determining who breaks to Super Congress.

  • We would love to have an experienced coach as parliamentarian to teach our novices how to Congress, and then students as judges.