North Mecklenburg Viking Classic

2023 — Huntersville, NC/US

Children's Literature/Storytelling

Abbreviation ST
Format Speech
Entry Fee $10.00
Entry 1 competitors per entry

Event Description:

Students select a published story that is appropriate for young children and tell the story as if presenting to an audience. The selection may be prose or poetry. Performances must include an introduction written by the student stating the title and author of the selection. It is not required for the piece to be memorized and students may reference their script using a binder throughout the performance. 

Selections may not have been used by the competitor in a prior school year. Selections may not be used by the student in another event. Costumes are not allowed.

The maximum time limit is 10 minutes. Students exceeding the time limit by more than 30 seconds cannot receive a first-place rank.