Texas Middle School State Tournament

2023 — Houston, TX/US

Impromptu Speaking

Abbreviation IMP
Format Speech
Entry Fee $20.00
Overall Entry Limit 72
Entry Limit Per School 8
Entry 1 competitors per entry

Event Description:

After selecting one topic or quotation from a group of three, students will prepare an impromptu speech. Contestants will be judged on their organization, quality of speech, fluency, movement in the speaking area, etc. Note cards may not be used.

Teams will have a total of 7 minutes to prepare and perform with 30 seconds grace. This time can be divided as the students see fit.

Impromptu Speaking Topic Areas (Quotations from or about These Areas)

Preliminary Round 1: Women's Rights

Preliminary Round 2: Science Fiction/Fantasy Books, Movies, and Television Shows

Quarterfinals: Nature/Animals

Semifinals: Justice

Final: Humor/Comedians