Viking Clash

2021 — Bountiful, UT/US

Novice Congress

Abbreviation NCONG
Format Congress
Entry Fee $4.00
Entry 1 competitors per entry

Event Description:

Here is the congress docket, in no particular order. We leave it to the houses to organize an agenda from this docket.

Session 1:

A Bill to Admit More Refugees into the United States (Utah)

A Resolution to Amend the Constitution to Create a Fair and Independent Department of Justice (Utah)

A Resolution to Implement the Green New Deal (Utah)

A Resolution to Encourage Municipal Ownership of Internet Services (NSDA, September)

A Resolution to Address Concerns with COVAX (NSDA, September)

A Resolution to Support the Middle East (NSDA, September)

A Bill to Prohibit Premature COVID-19 Vaccination Boosters in the United States (NSDA, October)

A Bill to Reform Property Rights and Build Equity on Native American Reservations (NSDA, October)

Session 2:

A Resolution to Recognize Tibet as an Independent Nation (Utah)

A Resolution to Promote National Education Reform (Utah)

A Bill to Implement a Universal Basic Income (UBI) (Utah)

A Bill to Regulate Graduate Schools (NSDA, September)

An Amendment on State Antitrust Venues (NSDA, September)

A Bill to Support Climate-Vulnerable Island Nations (NSDA, September)

A Resolution to Amend the Constitution to Establish State Sovereignty Over Abortion Policy (NSDA, October)

A Bill to Promote Resettlement of Haitian Refugees in Canada (NSDA, October)