Viking Clash

2021 — Bountiful, UT/US

Parliamentary Debate

Abbreviation PARLI
Format Debate
Entry Fee $8.00
Entry 2 competitors per entry

Event Description:

Parliamentary Debate is a team debate event which models the working of parliaments around the world. For our tournament, we will use the Oregon School Activities Association rules, which can be found in full online. A brief explanation is contained below:

Before the round, teams will meet in a preparation area, in which they will receive 3 topics. Both the Proposition (Aff) and Opposition (Neg) will be asked to eliminate a topic by the preparation monitor, and they will debate the remaining topic. Teams should expect both policy and value resolutions to be in each round.

Once a topic is decided, teams will have 15 minutes to prepare for the debate. Teams will only be able to access a dictionary, paper, and writing implements while preparing. NO OTHER SOURCE MATERIAL IS ALLOWED. Teams may draw upon commonly available knowledge in preparing their case.

The debate will follow the following format:

7 minutes 1st Proposition constructive
8 minutes 1st Opposition constructive
8 minutes 2nd Proposition constructive
8 minutes 2nd Opposition constructive
4 minutes Opposition rebuttal (given by 1st Opposition speaker)
5 minutes Proposition rebuttal (given by 1st Proposition speaker)

There is no formal cross examination period during the debate. Instead, during each constructive speech, the other team has the option to ask questions of the speaker. To ask a question (Point of Information), the person asking should stand. The speaker may acknowledge and take the question ("Proceed") or not take the question ("No Thank You"). Speakers time is not stopped to allow for questioning. Questions may not be asked in the first or last minute of any speech or during the rebuttals.

There is no prep time during the debate.