Isidore Newman School Invitational

2019 — New Orleans, LA/US

Event Rules

NSDA rules in LD, Policy, World Schools, Extemp, HI, DI, OO, POI, Info, and Duo.

Special clarification about novice divisions in debate: Please read the link to "Definition of a Novice". It outlines how this tournament determines eligibility for any of the novice divisions.

Special clarification about Duo:  We offer Duo Interp, not Duo Reading.  Thus, no binders permitted.

NSDA rules in PF with the noted modification on the Invite page about the coin flip. This also includes the newly adopted additional minute to the two summary speeches as well as the additional minute of prep time.

NSDA and TOC guidelines in Congressional Debate. This includes the new timing rule of a max of one hour on any single piece of legislation (note: only applies in the preliminary session, given how we structure the final session).

Evidence-related challenges in debate events will be handled by the judge(s). The tab room will not intervene.

CFL rules in OI and Dec

LHSSL rules in IMP: Speakers will prep in the speaking room. Each draws three topics and selects one (returning the other two to the topic envelope, if applicable). Each has a total of seven minutes to prepare and speak on the topic. The time used to select the topic will count towards the seven minutes allotted. 30 seconds grace period. NO notecard may be used during the speech.

Please check the appropriate, official websites for additional clarifications or ask the tournament directors.

The LD topic will be the November-December NSDA topic
The PF topic will be the November-December NSDA topic
The Policy topic will be the 2019-2020 National Federation of High Schools topic

Prep Times:
LD - 5 minutes
PF - 3 minutes
Policy - 10 minutes

Newman's campus has wireless capability throughout. We will adopt the new NSDA rules regarding access to the internet during debate (except for WSD) and extemp competition. CX, LD, PF, and Congress debaters may use the internet once the round begins to retrieve evidence or find new evidence. CX, LD, PF, and Congress debaters may use electronic messaging for the sole purpose of exchanging evidence and speech documents with other debaters and judges in the room (e.g., email chains). Per NSDA rules, World Schools debaters may NOT use computers in the round.

Per NSDA rules, extempers may NOT use our outlets in the prep room to keep their batteries charged.