Isidore Newman School Invitational

2019 — New Orleans, LA/US

Novice CX Disclosure

We believe good novice debates and adequate preparation are important. In an effort to both improve the quality of competition and educational value to all Novice CX Students, the Newman Invitational encourages each team to participate in a tournament facilitated disclosure. Please complete the following google form for your novices: 

We are asking for the following information for each of your teams in NCX. 

  • Plan Text/Advocacy Statement
  • Advantages (Each one should have a short description, e.g., and list of terminal impacts)
  • If your aff is a version from a specific camp or organization, e.g., NDCA Novice Packet, you should include that info as well. 
  • List of Neg Generic Off-case - Generic DA's, CP's, K's, T violations, Impact Turns 
  • List of Generic Case - Circumvention, Impact Turns
  • When listing off-case, please be as descriptive with reasonably explaining what the argument/position is (for example: "USMCA Good Pol Cap Politics DA" instead of just "Politics DA"). 

Anyone who participates by December 9th will get access to the Google document disclosure by December 10th.  Ideally, we get 100% participation so that everyone can adequately prepare their teams, lessening student anxiety and improving the competitive competence of the novice teams.

While some adjustments to a team's arguments between December 9th and the start of the tournament is understandable, e.g., novices get faster and add an extra terminal impact to their advantage or a team reads a small aff that requires a new neg generic, this disclosure should remain reasonably stable once published to everyone.

Thank you for your help in making debate a little bit more equitable.

-Chris, Greg, and Alma