1st and 2nd Year National Championships at Woodward Academy

2015 — GA/US

Tournament History

The First and Second Year National Championships began as the brainchild of Paula Nettles, the long-time Director of Debate at Woodward Academy. After departing Parkview High School for Woodward in 1987, Paula inherited a fall invitational tournament that attracted a sizeable field of competitors from throughout the region. Identifying the need for competitive opportunities in the Spring semester for younger debaters, however, Paula moved the tournament to March and billed it as the Georgia First and Second Year Championships. Teams from outside of Georgia quickly began requesting invitations and before long the tournament had grown into a true National Championship. The first tournament was held in 1988 and it has been held every Spring since. This year marks the tournament's 28th anniversary.

A PDF containing previous winners, runners up, and top speakers in all divisions is available at http://tabroom-files.s3-website-us-east-1.amazonaws.com/tourns/3523/postings/5873/Woodward1stand2ndYearNationalChampionshipHistoricalResults.pdf

Complete policy results packets dating back many years are available at http://results.the3nr.com/woodward.html