South Oregon District Tournament

2019 — OR/US

South Oregon District Qualifier

for the 2019 National Tournament
Congressional Debate/BQ
North Valley High School
Grants Pass, OR
Sat 3/2 Sat 3/2 BQ HOU SEN
Speech and Debate
Central Oregon Community College
Bend, OR
World Schools Debate--NO EVENT 3/2. Team will be selected based
North Valley High School
Sat 3/2 Sat 3/2

Speech and Debate

Location: Central Oregon Community College, Bend

Date: March 15-16, 2019

Register by: Friday, March 8 at 5:00 pm

Limits: 4 per event up to your NSDA limits based on Chapter Strength (see

Qualifiers: Top 2 in all events, Top 3 if we meet 30 entries in team events or 38 in solo events

Potential COCC Campus issues:

We are very excited to be hosted on the Central Oregon Community College campus this year. As many are aware, U of O has experienced an increasing enrolment which has made it very difficult to host tournaments there on school days.  We are grateful to the COCC coordinators and the Bend area coaches  who have stepped in to make this a reality (especially Karen Hobbs from Summit!!). The campus is hilly, so please make a note of competitors with limited mobility. There is not very many food options within an easy walk of the COCC campus. We have arranged with COCC food services to allow our students to eat on campus. We will also arrange for a large delivery order prior to lunch and dinner on Friday and lunch on Saturday. Coaches will be given pre-order forms for their team and be expected to pay for the food when ordered. More details to come.

Accommodations in Bend:

There are not hotels within walking distance of COCC, so please plan accordingly. Here is a link to some possible hotels within the area. Bend is rich with lots to do, see and eat. We encourage you to explore your options while you are in a part of Oregon we don't often visit with our teams.

Entry Policies:

1.      Solo or Partnered events each count as 1 entry.

2.      Team limits are based on your Chapter Strength. Log in to your account on, then check District Info under your school name on the left.

3.      No competitor may enter more than 2 speech/debate events plus congress (3 total).

4.      Double Entry Policy:  NSDA does not allow double entry at the national tournament, but does allow each district to set its own rules regarding double entry. This is ours:

A.    A competitor may enter only 1 team event, and a student who qualifies in that event must attend Nationals in that event unless the competitor enters a duo and a debate with the same partner. Both partners must list their events in the same order on their Single Entry Letter of Intent. (At press time, that was not yet working in Tabroom)

B.    We will follow the NSDA policy regarding competitors who both qualify in an individual and a team event.

C.    A competitor may enter any combination of two different events except U.S. Extemp and Foreign Extemp, or more than one type of debate (Policy, PF and LD).

D.    All students are allowed to enter Student Congress, regardless of participation in this tournament (potentially giving them a "third" event). 

E. Big Questions and Worlds entries are not part of this formula and do not count against entry in other events. 

Oratory, Informative Entries:  Prior to March 8, create and share a copy of the speech through Google Docs with Please bring a signed copy of the script with any quoted words highlighted. By signing, you and your competitor testify that it is the original work of the student. We encourage all coaches to be pro-active and verify this is advance.

Interpretation Event Entries:  Please bring a signed copy of the script with any quoted words highlighted. You must also present a copy of the original source material and have it with you throughout the tournament. Digital material must meet the current NSDA digital publication guidelines.

Proof of Publication: All interpretation material must be published according to the rules found in the Competition Events Guide. BE SURE YOU HAVE RECORDED YOUR PUBLICATION INFO IN TABROOM.