South Oregon District Tournament

2019 — OR/US

South Oregon District Qualifier

for the 2019 National Tournament
Congressional Debate/BQ
North Valley High School
Grants Pass, OR
Sat 3/2 Sat 3/2 BQ HOU SEN
Speech and Debate
Central Oregon Community College
Bend, OR
World Schools Debate--NO EVENT 3/2. Team will be selected based
North Valley High School
Sat 3/2 Sat 3/2

Big Question and World Schools

Location: TBA

Date: March 2, 2019

Register by: Monday, Feb. 25th at 5:00 p.m.

Qualifiers: 1 in Big Question, 10 in World Schools Debate

Entries Allowed: Unlimited nominations WSD, limited to the twice the number of judges you bring in BQ

 1. All entries in Big Question must be NSDA members.

2. In the event a qualifier in BQ also qualifies in an NSDA main event, they must relinquish their BQ slot.

3. There will be no debate competition in WSD. Nominations will be the only way onto the WSD team.

Big Question Notes:

1.   We are scheduled for 6 total rounds, including finals. If entries warrant it, we will add an extra round and go longer in the evening. This will be a traditional bracket with elimination rounds.

2. All entries in BQ are solo (no partners).   

2. Only our top qualifier will be eligible for the National Tournament.

3.   Schools must provide a judge for their competitor at Nationals. You cannot "buy out" of judging BQ at the National tournament. 

4.   District BQ qualifiers are not eligible for the Templeton grant dollars.

World Schools Debate:

We will use our traditional nomination and discussion process to determine all 10 members of the South Oregon WSD team. All nominees must have a WSD Nomination form completed by February 25, whether completed by the student or the coach. Anyone who is placed on the WSD nomination list through the online form will be ranked first by the school's coach. All district coaches will have access to the applications of nominees prior to the district congress on March 2 where all available coaches will discuss and tier the candidates.

Schools of WSD competitors are responsible for helping pay for a coach and judge to attend Nationals. The competitor can attend under the supervision of the WSD coach if the home school approves. Please check out the South Oregon WSD expectations prior to registering in this event.

Time and interest permitting, we will organize an afternoon WSD workshop and scrimmage for congress and BQ competitors who have been eliminated in the morning.