Golden Desert Debate Tournament at UNLV

2018 — Las Vegas, NV/US


Judging Requirements:

Each Policy debate team entry requires three preliminary rounds of commitment.

Each Lincoln Douglas team entry requires two preliminary rounds of commitment. 

Each Public Forum team entry requires two preliminary rounds of commitment. Public Forum teams may be judged by a pool of trained volunteer judges, but they should also bring their own judging.

Our ability to locate hired judging for you will be very limited.  It is best for you, and for the geographic diversity of the tournament pool, if you can provide your own judging. If schools cannot provide all their required judges, one full-commitment judge may be hired per school in policy and LD. No school may hire more than one full-commitment judge no matter how many divisions you enter. 

School judges are expected to adjudicate in both preliminary and elimination rounds (all school judges are required to be available one round after the elimination of that school’s last competitor). 

Judges in varsity should be at least one year removed from high school. 

Varsity policy or Lincoln-Douglas debaters who are not participating may judge in the novice division of their respective events.  Varsity policy or Lincoln-Douglas debaters who are not participating in elimination rounds may have the opportunity to judge novice elimination rounds. Please email the names and debate event (policy or LD) of any students interested in this opportunity to with the words STUDENT JUDGING in the subject line.

Hired judges must be requested no later than midnight (PST) December 22 2017, and no school within 300 miles of UNLV may request a hired judge. 


Judges must be entered in no later than midnight (PST) January 26, 2018. 


Judge preference will be enabled on for Lincoln-Douglas and Policy debate on Monday January 29, 2018. Preferences must be entered and complete by noon on Friday February 2, 2018, or the tournament will not be able to honor your preferences.

Lincoln Douglas rounds will be double flighted. The tournament may have you judge in the A flight in one round and in the A flight in another round, in order to use one full round of your commitment.