Golden Desert Debate Tournament at UNLV

2018 — Las Vegas, NV/US

Entry Fees

Entry Fees

On BOTH Saturday and Sunday, the tournament will provide all participants a light breakfast, snacks throughout both days, and two delicious catered lunches. We have altered our tournament fee structure slightly in order to bring our fees closer to other tournament fees and to more closely align with tournament hosting expenses, labor, and other outlays.

Varsity Policy Team-$110/team

Novice Policy Team-$110/team

Varsity LD -$75/debater

Novice LD-$75/debater

Varsity Public Forum-$110/team

Fees must be paid in advance to move your registration from “wait list” to “confirmed” status.  If you have entries on the wait list after January 12, 2018, and have not yet paid, those entries will be removed.

DROP FEES: Drops may occur with full refund until midnight January 10, 2018. Note: processing refunds through the UNLV accounts payable office is likely to take a painfully long time.  Beginning January 11, 2017, drops will accrue the loss of entry fees and a $10 per contestant drop fee (teams will be charged $20).  After midnight January 22, 2018, the drop fee will increase to $20 per contestant ($40 per team).

HIRED JUDGING(must be requested by Dec. 22, 2017): $60 covers 1 round of policy debate or 1 round (2 flights) of Lincoln-Douglass Debate. You may only hire up to one full commitment judge (6 total rounds). Hired judging requests must be made by midnight December 22, 2017 and must be paid for at the time of the request. Schools within a 300-mile radius of UNLV may NOT request hired judging.  No hired judging fees will be refunded, even if you drop the entry/entries that the hired judge is covering.

SCHOOL FEEA $100 per school fee will automatically be added to your tournament invoice on  The purpose of this fee is to encourage tournament attendees to stay in our host hotel.  If you do so, and contact me, I will remove this fee from your invoice. Please email me at with the name of the tournament hotel where you are staying, as well as the name that the reservations are under, and I will waive the fee. Our intention is not to make any money from this fee.  We just need to fill our hotel blocks so we can continue to utilize them for tournament competition space on Monday, and are not charged for not meeting our attrition rate.

CHECKS: Make all checks payable to: “Board of Regents, UNLV”


UNLV’s federal tax ID number is 88-6000024.


Checks must be mailed to:

c/o Dr. Jacob Thompson

Dept. Comm. Studies, UNLV

4505 S. Maryland Pkwy

Box 454052

Las Vegas, NV 89154-4052