LHSSL State Tournament of Champions

2024 — Lafayette, LA/US

Congress Legislation

The legislation packet we are using at the 2024 State Tournament is available here


We will debate the items listed below in the order provided. No amendments to order or legislation will be accepted. No student presiding officers will be used.

Orders of the Day:


Thursday Preliminary Session

B5: A Bill to Aid Jordan

B8: A Bill to Lower Prescription Drug Costs

B1: A Bill to Eliminate US Drone Strikes

R1: A Resolution Against the Privatization of Space Research

B3: A Bill to Reform the Drug Patent System


Friday Final Session

B4: A Bill to Invest in American Defense

B2: The Haitian Economic and Livelihood Plan (H.E.L.P.)

B6: A Bill to Remove Parental Consent for Vaccinations

R2: A Resolution to Remove the Russian Federation from the United Nations to Help Solve International Crises

B7: A Bill to Ban to Hydraulic Fracturing