LHSSL State Tournament of Champions

2024 — Lafayette, LA/US

Judge Obligations

Baseline Judge Ratios:
1 judge per every two debate entries
1 judge per every five speech entries (each Duo team counts as 1 entry)

Three exceptions to above:
1. Schools are CAPPED at a maximum of 3 judges per category. For example, if you bring 10 debate entries across all divisions, the school would be obligated to bring 3 debate judges (not 5).
2. Schools within 60 miles of the host site must DOUBLE the number of judges that a travelling school would have to bring for the same entry. [Note: tabroom will not automatically double the # of judges until the State Tournament Director manually makes that change to your entry. The correct # of judges for "local schools" should be updated within 24 hours of your initial entry to the tournament].
3. Entries in Supplemental speech events do not count towards # of judges owed. Judges for those events will be pulled from the main speech event pool.

Schools may not HIRE out any portion of their obligation. Any judges that the tournament hires/recruits will be over and above what schools provide.

The # of judges owed is PER ROUND. Thus, if you owe 3 speech judges, you owe them EVERY ROUND of the tournament. For example, if a judge is only available on Thursday, you must find a different judge to fill the void on Friday and Saturday.

Important Note for Speech Judges: our plan is to hold Duo rounds during the Debate time slots. This allows speech students to still enter up to two individual events in addition to Duo. However, it means that some SPEECH judges will be judging Duo during the Debate/Duo time slot. We will do our best to avoid having judges assigned to BOTH a Duo round and a Individual Event round in consecutive time slots, but we hope that we will have enough speech judges who will take a Duo ballot in the opposite pattern.

Penalty for Missed Rounds:
1. First offense for the school: Loss of judge bond for ONE of your judges
2. Second offense for the school: Loss of entire judge bond for your school
3. Third offense for the school: Removal of your school's entry from the tournament