Bay Area Middle School Championship

2024 — San Jose, CA/US


Tentative Schedule

Saturday April 6 Debate

7:30am Registration

8:00am Congress Session 1

8:30am Debate Round One

10:30am Debate Round Two

10:30am Congress Session 2

12:30pm Lunch

1:00pm Debate Round Three

1:00pm Congress Session 3

3:30 pm Debate Round Four

4:00pm Congress Finals

6:00pm Debate Round Five

Sunday, April 8 Individual Events and Debate Elims

7:30am Final IE Registration

8:00am Extemp Draw

8:30am Individual Events Round One

9:30am Debate Quarter Final Rounds

10:30am Extemp Draw

11:00am Individual Events Round Two

12:15pm LUNCH

12:00pm - Debate Semi finals

12:30pm Extemp Draw

1:00pm Individual Events Round Three

3:00 Debate Finals

3:00pm Extemp Draw

3:30pm Individual Event Finals

*** WE WILL SPEED UP DEBATE ELIM ROUNDS WHEN POSSIBLE. So pay attention to announcements and Tabroom. We also reserve the right to add a prelim round or add/reduce the number of elim rounds based on entry size of each division of debate. We will make final decisions about breaks and rounds after registration closes and will make those decisions public ASAP.

In person Awards will follow last elimination round ballots in the Center. Please expect at 5:15-5:30pm and we will send a blast with 15 minutes out.