Bay Area Middle School Championship

2024 — San Jose, CA/US


Judge obligation
All judges must have a Tabroom account. Yes, we welcome high school judges with at least one year of experience in speech and debate.

Judge obligation is 1 judge per 3 entries. Yes, Judging obligation can be split (AM + PM shift = 1 Judge)

Debate Shifts - Saturday
AM -7:30AM-1PM
PM - 1PM-6PM

Speech Shifts - Sunday
AM -7:30AM-1PM
PM - 1PM-6PM

All judges judges are obligated through first elimination round or one past your schools last round. Judging fines for missing Sunday Elim rounds is $75/judge/round, please make sure especially if your school advances your judges are available Sunday for quarters, semis, finals.

We have limited amount of hired judging for request.