Seven Lakes Cy Park TFA IQT Swing

2024 — Katy, TX/US

Extemp-Specific Information

Students should always show up to Extemp first before other rounds they are cross-entered in, and students should report to draw as soon as possible. We will bump and adjust speaker order as necessary to facilitate prompt conclusion of extemp.

Extemp topic areas:

Domestic Extemp on both sides of the swing:

R1: U.S. Economics and Business

R2: Environment and Energy

Semifinals: Election Politics

Finals: US Foreign Policy

International Extemp on both sides of the swing:

R1: Europe

R2: International Economics

Semifinals: Central and South America

Finals: International Diplomacy

Novice Extemp will use a mix of both topics. Questions will be different for each side of the swing, but will fall under the same topic areas.