Seven Lakes Cy Park TFA IQT Swing

2024 — Katy, TX/US

Online Debate Schedule (2/8 and 2/9)

We will accelerate the schedule whenever possible and appropriate. Please check's pairings for the latest information on the day of the tournament - this is a rough estimate.

We plan to clear all 3-1 records in all debate events, even if those elimination rounds do not give TFA points.

**Update 2/7 - refer to the email archive to see anticipated breaks.

Thursday, February 8 (Online Debate Only through NSDA Campus)

4:00 PM - Round 1 7L PF, LD, CX, WSD (prepared); 7L Congress Prelims

5:30 PM - Round 2 7L PF, LD, WSD (prepared)

6:00 PM - Round 2 7L CX

7:00 PM - Round 3 7L PF, LD, WSD Prep (impromptu prep via NSDA Campus)

8:00 PM - Round 3 7L CX, start time R3 WSD

Friday, February 9 (Online Debate Only)

4:00 PM - R4 7L CX; 7L Congress Semis (only if 61+)

4:00 PM - Round 4 7L PF, LD, WSD (prepared)

5:30 PM - Elim 1 7L VPF, VLD, NLD, Elim 1 WSD (prepared)

6:00 PM - Elim 1 7L CX

7:00 PM - Elim 2 7L VPF, VLD, NLD, Elim 2 7L WSD (impromptu - prep via NSDA Campus - if needed); 7L Congress Finals (only if 61+)

8:00 PM - Elim 2 7L CX, VPF, VLD (if needed)

Elim rounds of all events continue as swiftly as possible