California High School Speech Association State Championship

2023 — Carlsbad, CA/US

Equity Office

If you would like to file a concern with our Equity Team during or after the tournament, please use this form.


Students, coaches and community members of California Speech and Debate will: pledge to uphold the highest standards of humility, equity, integrity, respect, leadership, and service in pursuit of excellence.

Humility: We do not regard oneself more highly than others. Regardless of a person’s level of success, an individual always looks beyond oneself to appreciate the inherent value of others.

Equity: We respect individuals and their individual differences as well as foster equity, diversity, and inclusion. We recognize inequity in the activity and how it influences outcomes. We promote empowerment for people from all backgrounds, including race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, and ability.

Integrity: We are honest, ethical, and adhere to the competition and conduct rules of the organization. We follow the CHSSA discrimination and harassment policy and abide by the rules of our schools, tournaments, and localities.

Respect: We demonstrate civil discourse in interactions with others. We maintain and contribute to a safe space and welcoming environment for all.

Leadership: We are aware our words and actions influence others. We commit to thoughtful and meaningful words and actions that reflect CHSSA core values.

Service: We exercise our talents to provide service to peers, community, and the activity. At all times we are prepared to work constructively to improve the lives of others.

Harassment and Discrimination Policy

The California High School Speech Association is committed to providing its participants, judges, coaches, and members the opportunity to pursue excellence in their endeavors. This opportunity can exist only when each member of our community is assured an atmosphere of mutual respect. CHSSA is committed to maintaining an environment that is free from all forms of harassment and discrimination. Accordingly, all forms of harassment and discrimination are prohibited, whether committed by participants, judges, coaches, or observers. CHSSA is committed to the enforcement of this policy. Individuals who are found to have violated this policy will be subject to the full range of sanctions, up to and including removal from the tournament premises and prosecution by authorities. Any individual or group of individuals who believes they have been a victim of harassment and/or discrimination should report it to the Help Desk or appropriate authority immediately.